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The dedicated lawyers at Arcia & Associates, PC help foreign nationals in New York City, as well as other clients, navigate the legal system 100% in Spanish. We know how confusing and complicated it can be to understand your rights and options, especially for people who are new to the country or for whom English is not their primary language. Our New York City personal injury lawyers combine decades of experience with 100% fluency in Spanish and an outstanding commitment to immigrant advocacy to help clients resolve the challenges that may be confronting them. We recognize how much is at stake for each person who seeks our assistance, and we take the time to develop a comprehensive strategy on their behalf.

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can have a devastating and lasting impact on a worker’s life, particularly for immigrant workers. Lawsuits seeking compensation for injuries in these accidents in New York can involve not only claims of negligence, but often also claims based on New York laws that require not only general contractors but also owners of the construction sites themselves to take certain safety precautions in specific situations. This is because of the inherent dangers that come with working on a construction site.

Labor Law Section 240 requires contractors and the owners of construction sites to provide protections for workers doing their jobs at high elevations, including on office buildings and other skyscrapers. Scaffolding, ropes, hoists, stays, and ladders are among the equipment that must be used to prevent falls and lessen the impact of accidents. Section 241 of the Labor Law similarly obligates construction companies and owners of construction sites to provide specific equipment for workers doing certain jobs, such as construction, excavation and demolition work. Many of those obligations are “non-delegable duties.” Failure to provide this equipment can make the general contractor, the owner of the construction site and even other entities liable for any accidents, and each of them may be found joint and severally liable for satisfying an adverse judgment if that liability is predicated upon a “non-delegable duty.” However, a successful monetary recovery may depend on the representation of an experienced New York City personal injury attorney. As with other personal injury cases, a victim’s legal status (or lack of it) in the U.S. has no impact on their ability to obtain compensation.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash, a slip and fall, an incident of medical malpractice, or a wide variety of other traumatic events, you have the right to seek compensation from those responsible. These cases are typically based on claims of negligence, a legal theory that holds people and entities accountable when they fail to take certain precautions or respect the safety of others.

The specific standard of care in any particular case depends on the circumstances. Drivers, for example, are required to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. That means obeying traffic laws and refraining from dangerous activities like texting behind the wheel. Property owners, on the other hand, are expected to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition and to warn about hazards of which the owner knows or should know.

Even if you are partly to blame for an accident, a personal injury attorney in New York City still may be able to help you get some compensation. New York’s law even allows victims who have been partially at fault to recover a reduced amount of money damages based on proportionate fault. Victims in motor vehicle accidents may benefit from a New York law that may make a defendant 100% liable for damages despite of that defendant’s equitable share of fault.

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