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The attorneys at Arcia & Associates, PC are dedicated to helping victims get back on their feet after an accident in New York City. We are fluent in Spanish and have accumulated substantial experience serving immigrant and Hispanic communities. Our record of success – including some seven-figure victories in personal injury cases – speaks for itself. Moreover, as the largest minority law firm in New York State, we understand the distinctive challenges faced by someone who is new to the U.S. or for whom English is a second language. Our attorneys take the time to understand each client’s individual circumstances. We interact directly with each person who seeks our assistance, and we have the knowledge and resources that you need to pursue all of your legal options.

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are an unfortunate risk that New York City workers face on the job every day. While workers’ compensation benefits are usually available to people injured in the course of the job, this may not be your only recourse, as a construction accident attorney in New York can explain. A property owner or contractor that does not take certain safety precautions or otherwise allows hazards to go unchecked at a job site can be held accountable. State law provides specific protections for construction workers, based on the inherent dangers that can come with their jobs.

Labor Law Section 200, for example, requires construction companies to take reasonable steps to ensure that their workplaces are safe. It essentially writes into the law the duty of care that courts impose in ordinary accident cases.

Section 240 of the Labor Law provides additional protections for workers who do their jobs at high elevation, including by working on apartment buildings, office towers, and skyscrapers. The law requires construction companies to provide scaffolding, ropes, hoists, stays, ladders, and other equipment to prevent falls and lessen the impact when falls do happen. It also covers workers who may be struck by falling objects on the job.

Labor Law Section 241 similarly requires construction companies to provide specific equipment for certain jobs, such as excavation and demolition work, in accordance with state regulations. A New York construction accident attorney can help you try to show that the defendant failed to provide required safety equipment and that this failure contributed to the accident. Claims that are brought under the Labor Law may allow a victim to receive more compensation than they would through the workers’ compensation system, so it can be an important avenue to pursue if it is available.

In some cases, an injured worker also may have a third-party claim against someone other than their employer or coworker who bore some responsibility for an accident. For example, they may be able to bring a negligence claim against a driver who hit them in a car accident when they were on the job. In other situations, a manufacturer of defective equipment used on a job site may be sued in a product liability claim.

General Personal Injury

Whether it is a motor vehicle collision on the Long Island Expressway or a slip and fall on a crumbling sidewalk, a person who is injured in an accident in New York typically can receive compensation by proving the negligence of the party responsible. They may be able to get compensation for past, present, and future medical bills, lost income and earning capacity, property damage, scarring and disfigurement, and pain and suffering. Our Queens personal injury lawyers have a proven track record of helping people injured in a wide range of accidents get the full compensation that they are entitled to receive under the law. Even if you are undocumented in the U.S., you still have the right to pursue a claim for your injuries. Your legal status does not matter.

To get those money damages, you generally need to be able to prove that the person, business, or other entity responsible for the accident was negligent. State and local laws impose what courts call a “duty of care” across most ordinary situations. Drivers are supposed to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe way, rather than engaging in dangerous activities like texting behind the wheel or failing to yield at intersections. Doctors who diagnose and treat patients are expected to exercise a certain level of skill based on their training and experience. Property owners owe a duty to people legally on their premises to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition so that visitors are not needlessly injured.

Even if you are partly to blame for an accident, you should be aware that you still may be able to get some compensation through a personal injury claim. New York’s comparative negligence system allows you to recover a reduced amount of damages based on proportionate fault.

In addition to proving negligence, you also need to show how the defendant’s actions directly caused you to be injured. That often means gathering detailed evidence of how the accident happened and medical documentation tying your injuries to the accident.

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