Client Reviews


Great result

After I consulted a couple of renown Connecticut attorneys regarding my Peruvian girlfriend’s immigration problems, I was convinced her situation was hopeless due to a particular rule about the visa she used to enter the country said no matter what, she was not eligible for a Green Card. She insisted and asked me to drive her to New York to see this lawyer, Abel Arcia, because she had heard he was supposedly one of the best lawyer in New York. Of course I thought she was dreaming. But not wanting her to think I was unwilling to help, I took her all the way to Queens to meet Mr. Arcia. After listening to her and reviewing her passport and visa, he explained that’s yes there is a major problem but that there was a slight chance if she could fall within certain exception. I was obviously cautious because I was afraid my girlfriend would cling to strings. I didn’t stop her though and we retained Abel Arcia. After over a year, it turns out my girlfriend’s case was approved to my surprise. Mr. Arcia did it. And to top it off, during that time my girlfriend referred a Peruvian friend to Mr. Arcia regarding an automobile accident and Mr. Arcia somehow got her friend $100,000. I have to give credit where credit is due. This unassuming guy, Abel Arcia, is good.

- Paul 

Very Good and Fast

This lawyer is different from the other lawyers my friends used for immigration. This lawyer has many employees and they work fast. When my sister was arrested by inmigracion Arcia took the case and in a few days she was out. the immigration officers respected him and one police officer who spoke spanish told me Arcia is known as very honest, smart and that the reason sister was approved was that Arcia knows how to work with them. She said many other lawyers don’t care about the clients so much. I don’t have a lot money and Arcia was nice to me and I know he really cares about the immigrants like me and my sister, not money only but to help us, my sister got papers now because of Arcia and I want all people to know this lawyer is good and so nice.

- Segundo 

A Strong Advocate

In my experience, Mr. Arcia showed himself to be a strong advocate and knowledgeable attorney. With skills gained through a solid background of trial experience and years running his own law practice, I recommend Mr. Arcia.

- A Client (5 star review)

Great Attorney

Mr. Arcia represented me after I got badly hurt at in an accident. He was very understanding and showed a lot of concern for me even when the insurance company tried to not pay me. He was always optimistic and encouraging. His staff was so nice and professional too. At the end, he was right. The insurance company paid me ever dime I had hoped for and even more. I’m financially doing well and thanks to the medical care I was able after he set up my claim my health has improved. I strongly recommend Mr. Arcia.

- Laura 

Immigration Deportation Case

This is all I can tell everyone. My dad had a Green Card for many years but he had 2 terrible federal drug cases and did time in Jersey years ago. Some stupid lawyer told my dad that he could become citizen. My dad tried but when those immigration people saw his record they locked my dad up. My family saw over ten lawyers in Manhattan and New Jersey but everyone said there was no chance and that he would be depoRted. Attorney Arcia told us my dad had one of the worst situations an immigrant can have but that there was a chance he could stay here in the U.S. Attorney Arcia visited my dad over 10 times, fought the lawyer from the government that wanted to deport my old man, filed so many papers and stuff for my dad and when the immigration people where return to convince my dad to give up after being in jail all that time, Arcia keep my dad from falling apart and lawyer Arcia won!!! My dad was released and can stay in the U.S. When I told 2 of the lawyers who turned my father case down they didn’t believe it. Man I’m telling everyone that this lawyer Arcia fought like crazy for my father and I will recommend him to everyone. This guy is not the usual big mouth lawyer taking money and doing nothing. This guy is fighter and man he wins. His lobby is always full because so many other people are trying to get him to take their case. Bless this guy

- Robert 

I won!

My neighbors said to me that this guy did miracles for them and my problem with immigration was killing me. I couldn’t sleep because I was false arrested. This lawyer won my criminal case in Queena and then he sued the police and got me good money. Then he handles my immigration case and he wins. Man, he looked like it was easy. My English not so good I wish I can write good English to say how I love this guy. Maybe he was angel for me I don’t know but to me he is like Superman because he is so inteligent and knows how to win. Other lawyers wanted a lot money but Mr Arcia helped me and I made money. So happy!

- Fernando 

Thanks attorney Arcia!

My name is Maria and my husband is in prison for an old criminal case here in NY. He has had a Green Card since he was a kid but immigration put him in deportation and the judge ordered that my husband will be deported to Dominican Republic when he finishes serving his time. My husband begged me to fight to appeal. I saw many lawyers in Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Most said my husband had no chance. Two of them wanted $25,000 to take the case and they even said chances were 50-50. I didn’t have that kind of money. Someone told me that Mr. Arcia takes the most difficult cases and that he fights hard and that his fees are not high. He charged me only $7,500 and he won my husband’s case. What I want to say is that he was so patient and caring to my husband, my in-laws and to me. He even made it sound like it was no big deal. He was so down to earth and humble I can tell you I never saw a lawyer so humble.

- Maria 

Best Firm in New York

I am from Colombia and I first hired Mr. Arcia when I was working on Spanish TV with other Colombian models and actresses, like Sofia Vergara, back in 1998. Mr. Arcia’s office was very small back then and some cameramen told me about him being like some type of activist working to help the little guys. I was trying to make it big but I had no immigration papers. I took a chance and went to see him. He inspired me with his talk about how America is strong because of new blood like me and I signed up. He handled my immigration case and I became legal. I continues with my career and didn’t see him until many years later when I needed to change my immigration status from Green Card to citizen and because of some help with some civil matters. His office is so much bigger now with younger, smart lawyers and many assistants working for him in several locations. Wow I was happy that he grew so much and that he has great talent working for him. He handled my 3 new cases last year and I won but I wasn’t surprised. I was very proud that he became so successful because he became what he preached to me. He is frank, honest, direct, very smart, and cares so much about winning all his cases that it just takes my worries away. I didn’t become famous as I wanted but I have a good happy life today.

- Tatiana 

The Best

I had an accident about 4 years ago while doing construction work. I saw 2 other lawyers first and they didn’t want my case because I am an ilegal alien and was working with fake papers. They said my injury was not good enough. Then someone told me about attorney Arcia. He took my case. He also took my immigration case and got me papers. It was hard because I have been arrested 2 times. He won my immigration case and fought very hard for my accident case. The insurance company sent people to follow me and to video tape me and they found me working. Mr. Arcia did not give up. He fought and fought for me. He settled my case at trial and got me $840,000 last month. I am so happy and I can’t say enough about Mr. Arcia. To me he’s a hero.

- Arnold 

Attorney Arcia saved my son from Deportation

My son had a few criminal problems and immigration tried to deport him. We saw 3
expensive attorneys in Manhattan. Only 1 said there was a chance and asked for $2000 to investigate. Then he said no. That my son was hopeless. I heard that Mr. Arcia had solved very difficult cases and I went to his office. He charged me less than half of what the Manhattan attorneys mentioned was the average fee. Mr. Arcia spoke frankly and to the point, he was very direct and I don’t know how but he saved my son. He has a team of several lawyers and many assistants and they were great to me and my son. He has a large cult-like following of South American immigrants and I must say that I was shocked at how some of thosepeople simply walked in and demanded immediate appointments and attention. And when the receptionists couldn’t help them right away, some of those people became rude and mean to the office people. Mr. Arcia saved my son and I am very grateful. I observed that he tries hard to help a lot of those South American clients, even if some of them don’t seem to behave respectfully.

- Ingrid 

Mr. Arcia won my accident case big time!

I had an construction accident and broke my wrist. Mr Arcia got me a million and a half dollars and I am set now. He became like a brother to me. Now I own a building in Barranquilla, Colombia and I receive monthly income for the next 4o years.

- Wilmer